Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Know what I mean?

I’m convinced that many of our problems or disagreements result from miscommunication. Not all of them. Nor even most of them. But enough to warrant caution.

Often the miscommunication results from inadequate information or ambiguity. Other times, because the individuals on each side of the communication channel bring a significantly different ideological and conceptual encoder and decoder with which they transmit and receive ideas.

As I develop my ideas (or lack thereof) in this blog, it will be important to ensure that we are communicating reliably. (Whoever that "we" may be.)

If you think about it, even our individual dilemmas in life can described as a form of faulty communication. The world sends or presents to us signals, or messages—some might call them facts. And we interpret them. Unfortunately, our decoders are often cluttered with ideological and conceptual baggage. I suppose a philosopher might say we have ontological and epistemological problems. Worse, even in our own heads, miscommunication is often the norm. People can easily delude themselves. It makes life simpler. More peaceful. The old saying "ignorance is bliss" might be rephrased "miscommunication is bliss."

Reliable communication is important. Particularly for an accountant trying to finalize the taxes of a burned out psychedelic rock star.

PS: Yes, this post was an excuse to try out embedding a video link.

PPS: I've yet to figure out how to embed video into the middle of the text.